January 6, 2018

To the Josey Baker Bread community:

I am appalled and outraged by Jeremy Tooker’s unacceptable behavior that was reported by the SF Chronicle. I am deeply pained to know that women have been harmed by his actions. With every account of abuse, especially this news that hits close to home, I am reckoning with a terrible truth that women have long known: that sexual harassment, violence and gender bias are rampant, and all too often happen with impunity.

I am the sole owner of Josey Baker Bread, which has had a long standing business relationship with Four Barrel Coffee. We share a roof at The Mill, and I operate my bakery inside their cafe. Beyond this we are distinct businesses: separate values, finances, and business practices.

Josey Baker Bread condemns harassment of all kinds, and I am personally committed to ensuring it does not exist within my company, nor in our business relations. I also recognize that creating safe spaces for all is not a one-time action or statement; it requires continual effort, reflection, and work, especially from those of us in leadership or privileged positions.

The work of ending sexual harassment and gender bias should not be on the shoulders of women alone. Some of the steps I am taking to ensure Josey Baker Bread is and continues to be a safe environment include: strengthening our formal reporting process for harassment; maintaining a leadership team that is at least 50% women; donating a portion of our proceeds to the Time’s Up legal defense fund; and ongoing harassment training for all employees.

I am pained to hear the victims’ stories and I am committed to being a part of the change so urgently needed in the food industry and beyond. To the victims of sexual harassment and violence everywhere, I believe you. I stand with you.

With respect,

Josey Baker