thanks for giving / by Josey Baker


hey hey ho ho ho haaaaaaaappy Thanksgiving...??? goodness gracious me, Thanksgiving is... next week?!?!? wtf my dudes, how did that happen?? i'll tell you how it happened: the Earth rotated once every 24 hours (a tad less if you really must know) while simultaneously revolving around the Sun every 365 days (a tad more if you really must know), all while we are dancing our dances and whittling our whistles and singing our songs and baking our bread... and then *WHAM* it's time for you to gather with all of your loved ones and say how much you love them while stuffing your pretty little face with as much stuffing as you can til next year comes around and you can be surprised by it all again.

speaking of which, we are doing a new thing - we will NOT be baking any bread on Thanksgiving day. this is a new thing - for the last 5 years i've baked bread on Thanksgiving morning, because i think it a nice way to spend Thanksgiving morning, and then taken the day AFTER Thanksgiving off. however, this year we are going to try just baking bread on the days before and after Thanksgiving, and see how that goes. what do you think? do you like this? does it make you make a face like Mr. Yuk? do you even know who Mr. Yuk is? and furthermore, what are YOU going to do on Thanksgiving morning, because you most definitely will not be grabbing a loaf of bread from mine hands??? 

oh and just to clarify - The Mill will indeed be open on Thanksgiving day til 3pm, and we will have toast and coffee etc. we just won't have any loaves for sale. so please enjoy your Thanksgiving, i really hope you do, and if'n you're after some loaves, please come and get them before or after the day itself.

and while we're on the topic - we also won't be baking any bread on Christmas Day, nor New Year's Day. because even bakers need a break sometimes. this lands us at 361 days/year. not too shabby, if i do say so myself.

that's my child Cassady. he's almost half a year old now, which is hard to believe, but very true. he will be helping Santa with all of this holiday duties. or he'll just be hanging out in the garden. oh and wtf do you think of this new sexy website?!?! fancy, right??? my friend Brooke helped out a bunch, so if you like it let me know and i will tell her. if you don't like it, it's my fault, and i am sorry. but you'll be fine.

ok love you byeeeee

<3 josey