fresh milly 4eva / by joseybakerbread

just a quick note to share my extraordinary excitement - today is the day my dogs, today is the frikkin day.

what do you mean??? today is the day for WHAT??!??

from here on out we shall be milling all of our whole grain flour in house. yup - rye, red wheat, white wheat, corn meal, einkorn, kamut, and what the hell ever else we feel like. as we like to say in the bakery -


WILD WORKINGMAN'S believe it or not, this was the authentic and unadulterated self-expression of this loaf - i did not score it, it just exploded like this in the oven all by itself.

what's the big deal baker boy, i figured you'd been doing that all along, i mean, the name of the place is The Mill, ya know?

listen jerk, milling your own flour is a big friggin deal, it's a total pain in the a$s, and it's not easy to just start doing it all yourself. we've been building towards this day for many months, and by god, i'll be damned if i'm not gonna toot our horn about it.

whoaaaa there stud, chill yourself right out, ok, i get it, congrats, yadda yadda yadda.

thank you.

no, thank you.

hey, you're pretty cute...

you're not too shabby yourself...

... ok. so it's on dudes. i'll be curious to hear from y'all whatcha think about the bread, if you notice a difference, if you think it sucks, etc. hopefully you'll grab a loaf some time soon and say out loud, "holy crap, i didn't know this bread could get any better, but this is some serious $hit."

oh yeah, thank you to all y'all that came our for rock n roll pizza #1.

rocknroll pizza 1

it was a smashing success, we ran out of pizza at 8:30, and it's got us all super pumped to do it again on Friday, November 1. not sure what the pizza or tunes will be, you'll just come to come and see for yourself.

peace out loves

<3 j