are you that special someone? / by joseybakerbread

listen up kiddos - we are gonna open this frikkin bakery in a few weeks, and i am looking for that special someone to round out the JBB team. specifically, i'm looking for a part-time baker (20-25 hrs/week) to help out with the pastries for the cafe. are you that special someone???

only one way to find out... you just might be a good fit if:

  • making freshly milled cornbread & oven-baked oatmeal makes you smile like a fool, and bonus if you're obsessed with cookies
  • you're a "morning person" and can handle getting to work before most people have woken up - shift will start at 5am, 3 days/week
  • you've got experience working in a bakery/went to school to learn the ropes of working in a bakery
  • if this has got all you pumped up, prancing around your house saying, "holy crap, holy crap, that's me! i wanna be on team JBB!!!"

so quit prancing around and reach out - send an e-mail with resume to:

thanks dudes, talk soon