2 weeks and counting... til my birthday (OH YEAH AND THANKSGIVING TOO) / by joseybakerbread

yo dudes

it's crazy - two years ago i got a little article written about me in a food newsletter and 30 people showed up at my door on Thanksgiving morning to buy my bread.


i had no idea what i was doing...
well, i'm doing it again this year, but i'm going to be a bit more... professional about the whole thing.
i'm now accepting pre-orders for Thanksgiving bread. you can order to pick up the day before, or the morning of, it's up to you.
what am i baking? i picked the 3 most delicious and Thanksgiving-y breads I could think of:
  • seed feast. i mean, what the heck, the frikkin pilgrims and native americans probably ate this bread at the original feast, right? (bread flour, whole wheat flour, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sourdough culture, sea salt)
  • black pepper parmesan. the mighty return of everybody's favorite!! i haven't made this bread for months, but there's no better time than now. what's better than cheese on bread? cheese IN bread. (bread flour, whole wheat flour, parmesan, black pepper, sourdough culture, sea salt)
  • whole wheat cranberry walnut. i actually haven't made this bread since Thanksgiving 2010. i hope i can remember how it goes... jk sucka, this bread will blow your g-d mind. (whole wheat flour, bread flour, walnuts, cranberries, raisins, sourdough culture, sea salt) 
all breads are $6/loaf, available by pre-order only.
what do i think you should do? order for pick up on Thanksgiving morning, and then come hang out with me at The Mill, grab your bread, have a cup of coffee, and be eternally thankful for the miracle of life. then stuff yourself and take a nap.
(and YES, Thanksgiving is actually on my birthday this year - I am turning 30.)
if all this pre-order stuff is too much for you to handle, then worry not! i will also be selling bread at Bi-Rite Market on Tues & Wed the week of Thanksgiving. bread everywhere, so awesome.
<3 josey