from Oakland to Sac-town, the Bay Area and back down (not quite) / by joseybakerbread

great news folks - you can now get your JBB fix all over the frikkin Bay Area!

yup, whether you wanna grab a loaf in SOMA, Oakland, Berkeley, Palo Alto, or Burlingame - IT'S ON. just order here. 

the righteous folks at Good Eggs are making it easier and easier for makers such as myself to get our goods all over the place, so that's just what i'm gonna do. here's what we got:

for the time being i just make a different type of bread each day. you can suggest a type if you like, but i don’t take orders for specific types. soon my sweeties, you will have the pick of the litter, i promise.

so quit your lolly gaggin' and start your toastin.

<3 josey