practice makes perfect / by joseybakerbread

my goodness gracious, i've been learning lots of things lately... like how to ride my bike with 175 pounds of bread in tow:

and how much bread dough can look like butts:

and how strong Ryan Goodrow is:

aside from all that, mostly i've been learning how tricky it can be to run a bread bakery business when you don't have employees, nor a bakery.

wait a second, hold on baker boy, what do you mean you're "learning" that? that's what you've been doing the whole time, haven't you?? what's the big whoop??

well, if you must know, the big whoop is that i've started up my bread subscription program once again, and as you can guess, i need myself a place to bake all this bread. so where have i been doing it? over at that there La Victoria Bakery on 24th St in the Mission. i've been baking bread the best i can, but it's been good and hard. i've been using that bread for toast outta The Mill, but the ridiculously generous people over at NOPA have also welcomed me into the neighborhood, and i've been doing a little bread baking there as well... speaking of which - have you been to NOPA lately? it's crazy. crazy delicious, and crazy busy - ALL THE TIME. go, and be ready to party.

but speaking of bread, please keep your eyes peeled - within the next few weeks i'm going to start doing a weekly bake out at my bread idol's spot, Miller's Bakehouse, and i do expect those breads to be on another level. veeery pumped about that, but trying to not get my hopes up too high too soon. expect a sneak peak of some freshly milled whole grain loaves, the type of stuff we'll be pumping outta The Mill.

and speaking of The Mill - we're continuing to chip away at it! expect that puppy to start rip roaring in a couple months. in the mean time, come say hey. i'm there for sure all weekend (8am-3pm), but our superstars Elicia & Tim are there Wed-Fri 7am-2pm as well, serving straight up FBC and JBB. we'll treat you real good, i promise. i mean, look how much fun these cats are having:

loves yas

j bear