i love having fun (and playing with fire) / by joseybakerbread

so much has happened since we last spoke, i can't even begin to tell you! like what, josey baker, like effing what?!?

oh, just tons of great ideas, like THIS:

but that is neither here nor there, really, now is it?

no, it's not, that has absolutely nothing to do with bread.

shut up. THIS has also happened - there's a effing hole in the floor at the Divis space!

why oh why is there a hole in the floor? because we have to put the plumbing somewhere, now don't we, silly.

but this past week i had myself some good adventuring, since i couldn't do any baking. i took a jaunt up north with my never-ceases-to-amaze-me lady Cathy and her wonderful parents and we took a break between wine sipping to frolic in the pretty yellow fields:

how adorable are they???

i also spent some extra time with my new friend jerry, and each day i learn how special he is:

i am proud to say that i, along with dear heartbrother rafi, with be the proud temporary parents of that little pooch for 3 weeks.

and oh yeah - bread is back on this week honey babies. come say YO.

and in other very exciting news: i'm going to be starting a bread subscription program at the Google office in SF. holy crap. the ridiculously cool and talented folks at Good Eggs have been busting their a$s on some amazing new stuff that is going to drop soon. get ready people, they's about to make your life (and mine) a lot easier.

just pulled this hottie out the oven:

butterfly kisses,