see ya in a week / by joseybakerbread

my my my, seems like only yesterday i left that purdy lil bay i call home... and now there's less than a week left of this adventure. holy crap, it has been so so SO amazing in so many ways... here's one (more below):

we got lost in a field on a motor bike, but the sky told us that everything was going to be okay.

and i must say - i am ready to come home. are you ready to have me back?

... what? oh, yeah, of course i am! so ready.

i sensed the hesitation in that response... don't say you didn't miss me... even a little bit???

no, no, no, it's not that i didn't miss you. it's just that, ya know, it's not THAT big a deal that you were gone, that's all. there's plenty of other good bread around, ya know? like, really, really good bread.

well come on, i know, i mean, i didn't miss you that bad either. but, you know, it's just polite and everything to make it seem like a big frikkin deal that i am coming back.

right, right, right... let me try again... MAN, i really missed you josey! i like, cried and stuff, all the time. didn't even leave the house. it was pathetic. i didn't even eat bread, cuz i missed yours so bad. i cannot wait til you get back!

really??? wow, that makes me feel so good! i didn't know i was that important to you!

... none of that is true, that stuff i just said.

you're a jerk. but look at these pictures.

we stayed at a monastery on an island and i stayed in a little hut that was on top of a mountain overlooking the ocean.

we went fishing. for piranhas.

we slept in a frikkin tree house.
cathy is the queen of the fishes.
while hiking in northern thailand, we saw this confused crab (quite literally) hanging out in this little stream.

cathy was so excited to drink coffee in pattaya that she chucked the salt shaker into her cup of coffee.
cathy made a very very good nun.

this was way cooler in my imagination.
oh ya know, just making a cup out of bamboo in the jungle with a machete.
in thailand they make their insects humongous.
the monkey queen with her minions.
nothing you haven't seen before, this time in laos.
this totally awesome woman baked her own delicious whole wheat bread and had her own starter and i liked her so so much.

 catch ya soon darlings.

<3 josey