it's been too long, and this is too short / by joseybakerbread

awww man, it's been for frikkin ever since i said yo to you dudes, and this post has to be so short, cuz guess what?

go on, guess.

[insert your guess here]

wrong, but that would be very funny. guess again.

[insert your next guess here]

nope, but you are a creative one, aren't you? guess one last time.

[insert your last guess here]

sheesh, you really are a pervert.

we lost our computer charger so we are running out of batteries and uploading photos takes like a bazillion years here so i am trying my best to be so quick quick quick quick QUICK.

so this is what i will tell you - cathy and i got haircuts:

more soon, i promise.

oh one last thing! i got the green light to tell you the secret that i was hinting about a while back. i can't even tell you how unbelievably worked up i am on this one. really really REALLY i say that i get excited about stuff sometimes, but this time, oh boy, you are going to just pee your little pants, right along with me. (don't worry, it won't be weird, cuz we will both have peepee pants, and there are strength in numbers.)

btw - what about those occupy wall st protests, huh? holy shit, what is it like back there in america? tell me tell me!

but about that secret of mine... i aint gonna tell you now, no no no, cuz i can't give it the proper treatment. very soon, you have my word.

til next time my loves,

<3 josey