smell the frikkin roses / by joseybakerbread

i love landmarks. i mean, what the hell, we're only wandering around this lovely little planet for the blink of an eye, so why not stop and take note of things as much as possible, right? RIGHT. speaking of landmarks, me and my stupendous partner in crime cathy celebrate our 10 month boyfriend girlfriend anniversary today! YESYESYESYES. look at her here, the perfect balance of urban chic and rugged country, chopping wood for a pizza party:

why all this talk about landmarks? cuz this is my last week of baking til i'm back from the radical life adventure that is my southeast asia explorations, preceded by the fire induced hysteria that is burning man!!! and furthermore, this is the last wednesday bake at Mission Pie (not forever, just til i'm back). ahhhh, Mission Pie, i really do love you. you are just always filled with such kind, genuine, generous people. i am so grateful that i've been able to become a part of the family there.
come friday, i'll be doing my last bake at pizzaiolo for a good while. i'll probably say a bit more about that come friday morning, while the loaves are in the oven doing the magicthing.
anywayyy, come say hi today or tomorrow at Mission Pie, 5-9pm, before i take off for a coupla months. otherwise, i'll see ya when i see ya dudes.
oh, and btw, i am going to be posting to this blog during my travels, so if ya wanna come along with me on my travels, just check in every once in a while. i promise to make you giggle.
<3 josey