good news and bad news / by joseybakerbread

look what i found the other day - a little recipe card i made last thanksgiving to figure out how to make the most bread i'd ever made:

(a free loaf for the first person who knows what "FGR" means! e-mail me the answer, you greedy little breadmonster!)

i'm showing you that for a reason, but before i tell you why, i've got some news to tell you. some good news, and some bad news. but first i want you to sit down, and i'll sit down too. good, now we're comfy and sitting, and we can have a heart to heart...

so, i'm just going to come out and say it...

wait! do you want the good news or the bad news first? hmm...?

okay, bad news, of course you want the bad news, i want the bad news first too. so here goes...

i'm leaving.

but now quickly for the good news before you get too sad or pissed - i'm going on an awesome adventure, and then i'm coming back!

yup, the rumors are true - me and my most radical lady friend cathy are going to travel around Southeast Asia for two whole months, for September and October. i thought about maybe trying to twist things a little bit and say that this trip was somehow about bread or baking or something related to what i've been doing for the past year here, but honestly that would be dishonest, and i wanna just be honest with you. so this trip is not about bread.

it's about meeting rad people, and eating amazing food, and jumping off big rocks into clear water, and riding buses all night long, and working on tiny farms in the mountains, and climbing on ancient temples, and learning new languages, and waking up in the jungle, and scuba diving in underwater caves, and doing all sorts of other wonderful things that i can't even imagine, all with my most spectacular girl cathy. i might just be the luckiest guy in the whole wide world.

but i have a favor to ask - don't you go forgetting about me while i'm gone. i touch down back in the great U S of A on November 12, just in time to have Thanksgiving bread for you all. holy crap! that'll be one year since i first sold bread to a bunch of strangers for the first time! (remember that pic at the beginning of this post?) DailyCandy published a little article about me, and a bunch of strangers emailed me asking for bread, so i set up shop at my door, and folks came by all morning, buying up 60 loaves of bread that i baked in my dinky little home oven. wow. this is what i looked like, all happy and shit:

so anyway, once i'm back from adventuring, oh baby baby BABY i am BACK and will be continuing to do my bread thing, just for you.

i've also got a few big pieces of news that i want to share oh so bad, but it's just a bit too early. but don't you worry, as soon as i get the green light, i'm going to be freakin out over here, and you will hear alllll about it.
but in the mean time, look at this effing loaf of bread:

it is 100% whole wheat. one hundred per freaking cent dude! i can't even believe it. if you don't think this is a big deal, then poop on you, cuz it makes me extraordinarily pumped.

check ya real soon doggies
<3 josey