i didn't know how bad i missed you til i was back in your arms... / by joseybakerbread

VERMONT!!! holy friggin crap Vermont you are so so SO sexy in all your sweaty sunny summer time glory. it feels real real good to be in your big green arms once again.

i'm totally loving my time here, hangin with fam, sweating at night (remember that?), and loving up the loaves real good for my loved ones. it's so super nice to be baking one loaf at a time... it's been a while since i did that, and it feels awesome.

but don't you go worryin yr pretty lil heart san francisco, i miss you too, and i will be floating right back on to ya next friday.
check this totally rad dude who i met at my family reunion yesterday:

ohhh yeahhh.
<3 josey