oh i party hard... do you? / by joseybakerbread

yo yo YO my dogs

you like to party? yea you do, of course you do, cuz you're a bread lovin party animal, just like me:
(yea, i'm eating sand, so what??? that's what the serious party beasts do, don't ya know.)

well, i wanna party together, you and me, mano a mano.

ohhh yeah baker man? and how in the heck would you propose we do that? huh huh HUH?

(not like this, unless you're SERIOUSLY OUT OF CONTROL)

what in the heck is that supposed to mean?

it means that i come to your house with dough in tow, a bunch of flour, sourdough starter, knowhow, and excitement... and we bake bread together and you leave with loaves ready for the baking and the know-how to make some bombass bread.
well $hit my pants and call me sylvester! that sounds like a ton of fun!
... uhhh, that's weird that you said that thing about your pants and sylvester, but i'm gonna act like i didn't hear that one.
<3 josey