you (can) make my dreams come true / by joseybakerbread

last night i had a dream...

i was standing in front of Bi Rite Market, with a whole $hit ton of yummy walnut, whole wheat, and wonder bread that i'd made that afternoon with mine own bare hands:

i was giving samples to passersby, and one of them stops and looks at me all intense like this:

and then he eats a piece of bread and says, "holy motherf***er this is some crazy good bread man!! who in the hell are you?!?"

and i was all casual and cool and just like, "aw no biggie my man, i'm josey baker, i baked that myself cuz i'm obsessed with bread, and yea you can buy some if ya like, but no pressure dude, cuz bread is bread, and ya do what you do."

then the guy smiled at me like this all cute and weird:

and he bought a loaf of bread and skipped away.

it was super duper rad and some nice pretty folks even snuck me a little beer that we gobbled up right quick and then i woke up and had a big fat smile on my face.
make my dreams come true.
hope to see you hip cats there.
<3 josey
p.s. don't get worked up if you're not coming to Bi Rite, but are still wanting bread - my main man alex is holding down the fort at Mission Pie, so you can still roll over there for your bread fix