holy $hit that was the most ever / by joseybakerbread

mother effer i gotta just say - SO TOTALLY TOTALLY AWESOME I WANNA KISS YOU ALL ON YOUR BREADCRUMB COVERED FACES. this week saw 320 loaves come and go. holy $hit. that's the most ever. i can't really believe it.

anyway, enough about all this bread... bread's boring. which is why i'm here to announce that i'm quitting.

i'm quitting to join the circus so i can practice backflips like this one (which i'll be the first to admit could use some work):

DON'T BE SILLY I'M NOT QUITTING! i'm just getting started. i wouldn't do that to you, no no NO.

but for real, i'm getting close to my limit for the amount of bread i can bake in a week. what will i do once i get there? that's a very good question!

my plan is to just keep doing my thing, making all the bread by my lonesome, and when i can't bake anymore, i can't bake anymore.

but "by my lonesome" is perhaps a bit misleading these days... i have the occasional helpful hand of my buddy Sophie at Mission Pie who knows way more about bread than i do:

and also my main man Alex who has been helping out with sales at MP:

these cats are killer, so if you see them around give them a loud slap high five (and then maybe a little pat on their heinie).

for the time being, i feel like the luckiest baker boy there ever was.

til soon cutie pies

<3 josey