i eat too many sandwiches... / by joseybakerbread

and you should too. yummy scrumptious loved up sandwiches, just like this one:

but where o where in the heck did that sandwich come from josey baker?? and WHO made that SEXYASS bread?!?
oh stop it you.
my man Jeff over at Pal's Take Away at 24th & Hampshire (inside Tony's Market) makes some crazy ass delicious sandwiches. he's a rad dude, going out of his way to source from small-scale local producers, change his menu every single day, and make a lot of his fixin's himself.
and now he's using my bread to make sandwiches on Tuesdays. this pumps me up, big time.
what's he makin tomorrow? now now my beauties, you mustn't be impatient. (all i can say is he's using my black pepper parmesan bread o baby baby BABY) take a deep breath and check in tomorrow and if the spirit moves you, pedal your heinie right over there and get one. but a word to the wise - he sells out fast, so get over there around high noon to be sure to get them goods. you can also call ahead - 415 203 4911.
tell him josey baker sent you.
<3 josey