adventures of mossy swami / by joseybakerbread

alright dudes, come on a fantastic voyage with me -

big basin woods, the sun has set, i'm huddled around the campfire with fellow heartbrothers nat and brendan...

and we're all like, "damn these woods and fire and so wonderful and peaceful and i'm feelin realll goooood... but those god damn lights from the bathroom are annoying the $hit out of me."
cue art project #1 idea - makeshift lampshade.

* B * A * M *

how in the heck did i do that?

i went scrounging around, jumped in the dumpster and found an old styrofoam cooler than some fool had tossed.

total peace stylee.

we romp around the woods, wrestle with sticks, lay in the dirt, so forth and so on, then we're back at the fire, and we're all like, "damn i'm feelin like a mossy swami right now all in touch with the dirt gods... but there's another god damn light from the bathroom annoying the $hit out of me."

cue art project #2 like what - makeshift lampshade numero dos.

* B * A * M *

how in the frikkin heck did i do that???

don't ef with a good thing - went back to the dumpster and found the top of the aforementioned discarded cooler. did some MacGyver type $hit with some rocks to get this one to stay on the light.
life's puzzles were meant for the solving sucka.
<3 josey