dark chocolate cherry pocket bread - i am IN LOVE with you / by joseybakerbread

holy crap dogs - the dark chocolate cherry pocket bread FLEW off the shelves last week. i had no idea folks were gonna be so jazzed on it. truth be told, i sold out in about 20 minutes.
you wanna see it don't you?
well, i'm not gonna show it to you... but i WILL show you a picture of a tattoo i got this weekend from the totally radical mr. jesse tuesday of tuesday tattoo out in the outer sunset:
(in case you can't tell - the tattoo covers my thigh) i was practically crying cuz the friggin thing hurt so god damn much. but then my sweet sweet lady came along and held my hand and made me smile.

i'm gonna make more dark chocolate cherry pocket bread.
and i got some more ideas... cinnamon date pocket bread! i've only done this bread once, in my standard oblong boule (no that is not a "standard" bread loaf shape, but i ain't no "standard" bread baker sucka), but now ya'll can give it a shot in my new pocket bread loaf.
what in the heck is a pocket bread?
it's a loaf of bread that can fit in your pocket if you really want it to, that's what.
very cute.
so what the hey - this week @ Mission Pie on Wed & Thurs (5-9pm), in addition to the regular weekly loaves:
  • dark chocolate cherry pocket bread - $2
  • cinnamon date pocket bread - $2
  • wonderbread - $3.50
i practically be givin this stuff away dudes, so come on out and gimme some lovin.
<3 josey