safe and sound and ready for action / by joseybakerbread

i'm back. did you miss me?

awww, you are so sweet. i missed you too. like, i really missed you.
i thought about you every day. and i cried, cuz i missed you so hard. it was beautiful. and pathetic.
i'm just kidding, don't flatter yourself, i'm a strong boy, and while i might have missed you a little, i mostly had a totally awesome time doing things like this...
snowboarding for the first time in 10 frikkin years -

riding around totally totally gorgeous idaho on an ATV (it did flip and land on my leg but i'm fine don't worry about it) -
becoming an "expert sharpener" in SLC -

finding this super spooky cabin in the hills around inverness -

and sighting the most spectacular wild elk in all the land -

now i'm back in sf and ready to party with you dudes. hope to see you soon.
<3 josey