a glimpse into the early morning session (plus a halloween bonus) / by joseybakerbread

ya give a few boys a sewing machine and a halloween and this is what you get...

anyway -

monday nights and tuesday mornings are some of my favorites. i drive over to oakland monday night with a bunch of tubs full of dough, such as these:

amazingly i always find a parking spot right in front of pizzaiolo, lug the dough tubs in, and get to work shaping the loaves. if i'm good and hungry, the cool kind folks gimme some super delectable grub, usually a badass pizza.

once i've done my work and the little chubby bread loaves are all good and in tip top shape, i stick em in the fridge, and go sleep on a friend's couch. come 5 am my silly little cell phone alarm clock is waking me up, and i'm back at pizzaiolo, cooling down the oven to get it ready for the breadsies.

this last tuesday mr. scott kline came along to snap some photos. he set up lights and everything, and it made me feel kind of like a movie star. here are a few of the shots he snapped:

o yea, we got cinnamon raisin craziness comin outta the oven at Mission Pie at 5 pm tonight. come come come along if you're lookin for a good time.