two rumors / by joseybakerbread

rumor one: i just want to be sure ya'll know that i'm not going to be around the week of March 14.

where will you be mr josey baker?

very good question!

first i'll be roadtrippin with my homies brendan and lana...

to utah for some snowy spring time adventures. o hell yes.
then i'm gonna wander off into the woods for a little cabin getaway with my sweet sweet sweet lady...
oooooooh baby baby baby.

rumor two: rumor has it that i might start baking at mission pie two days a week... this is just a rumor for now though, so don't you dare go tellin everybody about it.

and those are the two rumors.

rumor three: HA! I SAID TWO RUMORS AND NOW I'M WRITING THREE I AM A SNEAKY LITTLE BAKER! anyway, this is just another rumor... josey baker bread might be experimenting with some new baked goods for you all. again, just a rumor, so don't go tweeting or facebooking about it, cuz i don't want people to get all excited before the hen has laid it's egg, before the ship has sailed the sea, before the bagel has been baked.


kisses sexy babies.

<3 josey

p.s. food coloring can do strange things to a man...