1, 2, oh my underground farmer's WhAt?!? / by joseybakerbread

laaaa laaaa laaaaaaaaaa

duders - saturday (feb 5) i'm slangin mad bread at the underground farmer's market. it's at SomArts, at 934 Brannan St @ 8th. (you gotta sign up here in order to attend - don't worry it doesn't cost and is no obligation, it's just so we don't get arrested.) so if you're headed that a way, then stop on by and say hi. i'll be there in the day time, during the "take-home-ables" portion. but there's rad stuff at night too, so it's all good, i won't feel bad if next time i see you, you're all like, "man that underground farmers market was totally awesome!" and i say, "oh yeah, how come you didn't come and say hi??" and you say, "well, cuz i went at night, and you weren't there." and i say, "oh. right. that's cool. i totally understand." then i start quietly sobbing.

im kidding, i wouldn't do that.

i'd sob real loud so you'd feel bad.

oh stop it.

no, you stop it!

for real tho, hope to see you there.

(if you go at night you should really really really get pizza from the PizzaHacker, aka jeff "studliest pizzaiolo in sf" krupman. it'll be the best pizza you've ever had. i double dog dare you to prove me wrong.)
{now i'm reading your mind...}
and josey - what in the frik is going on with this freebreadparty you keep talking about?!?
yes yes YES, it's going down on Wednesday, February 23, from 5:00-8:00 PM at Mission Pie. scribble that into your iCals or Blackberries or what the heck evers kiddies... and don't you worry, i'll be giving you a proper announcement right soon.
and HEY - just want to say thanks to all ya'll who've been telling me that you like reading this thing. in case you were wondering, that makes me feel real good, and you should keep telling me it. as long as it's true.
which makes me remember something funny - this friday night i was all excited and attending a party up in the headlands. i may have drank a wee bit too much whiskey, just maybe, but my roommate brendan reminded me that there was an awesome wood fired oven (built by radical oven building master alan scott) up there, and that maybe, just maybe there were people baking bread at that very moment! so, in all my excited drunken baker courage, i walked right in to that bakery, and blabbed some gibberish about bread with eduardo of morell's bread. he was very kind to me, even though i'd have to imagine i was not on the top of his "want to see at 11:00 on a friday night while i'm in the middle of a huge bake" list. i bought a loaf of sesame sunflower bread, and it was very delicious, although i do wish i could remember more clearly. i will go back sometime when i have my wits, and perhaps i will be able to give you a more detailed account of his breads. or at the least, i could report on what we discussed. (you only quit your first-job-out-of-college-that-you-have-for-five-years-and-then-quit-to-be-a-baker once, alright, cut me some slack.)

p.s. tomorrow is my REAL last day of work and i'm peeing my pants i'm so excited.