the truth about josey baker / by joseybakerbread

what in the frik are you doing josey???

oh ya know, just shooting a pellet gun in my mom's basement in vermont with my step dad... what else are ya gonna do in that green mtn state?


one of my bread customers asked me the other day what my day job was. i jokingly said that i'd been hunting caribou for the past five years. then i jokingly said that i'd been building windmills. then i said (for real) that i'd been working in berkeley for the past five years designing activities to teach kids science.

but ladies and gentle men, the time has come to tell the truth.

(that's me, about to tell you the truth.)

the truth is that i've been working for cirque du soleil, training lions. this has been a highly illegal trade, so i've been sworn to secrecy until my tenure ended. now that i'm so close to moving on, i've gained some courage, lost some fear, and want to let the world know what is REALLY going on behind the scenes.

i will not be silenced any longer, as i transition from taming wild beasts to taming wild yeasts.

i feel so much better now that i've got that off my chest.

in other super good news - chances are very high that we're going to have a freebreadparty at Mission Pie in mid-late February. this is going to be totally awesome. the basic gist: i'm going to give away a whooooole bunch of bread, and make the suggestion that ya'll share the bread with your friends, family, lovers, enemies, strangers, bosses, whoevers. stay tuned for details.

i (half) jokingly told a very dear friend of mine who is rapidly becoming famous that i was going to piggyback his rise to fame by mentioning him in every one of my blogposts from here on out. i'm not going to do that, that was a joke.

but i am going to post this amazing photo i took of him taking a shower, with my two heart brothers rafi and nat keeping him company. he's taking a shower because i gave him a little haircut, and come on, who wants to spend the night with all that itchy hair in your shirt?

just a couple of dudes spending qt together. doesn't get much better than this.

see ya round town buddies