big changes are afoot friends... ! / by joseybakerbread

check out these sexy shots of a loaf i baked while home in vermont. oh baby baby baby

some awesome news to share with you sexy peoples -
  • bye bye, day job
  • wednesday? more like breadnesday
  • tdays are wood fired
  • make bread w/ me

what what what are you talking about josey baker???

hold your sweet sweet horses and let me tell you...
i've been working with a totally rad group of folks in berkeley for the past 5 yrs, designing activities to teach kids science. i've learned so much, and i love those people so so hard, but the time has come to move on. alas, january 31 is my last day of work. (get this - the next day my sweet sweet lady Cathy is taking me up in a plane and i'm going to get to FLY THE PLANE! holy crap!!) i'm a little sad and a little scared to be leaving this job, but i am also SO EXCITED to be making moves on to the next big thing. which brings me to my next bit of news...
starting in february i will be opening up a whole bunch of new subscription spots for wednesday evenings. and where, o where will i be baking this bread, you wonder? thank you for asking! the wonderful people at Mission Pie, at 25th & Mission, are generously allowing me to bake in their super awesome oven on Wednesday afternoons. so folks can come in and pick up bread Wednesdays, from 5:00-8:00 pm. this bread is gonna be on a different level, trust me. the oven is going to make a huge difference. if you're curious, just come by some wednesday starting in february and i will let you try some.
(also, this hasn't landed yet, but i'm going to throw a freebreadparty at Mission Pie to celebrate this new chapter in my bread baking life. stay tuned for details.)

and MORE EXCITING NEWS! there's this rad little restaurant in oakland called Pizzaiolo, with this incredible wood fired oven... and i'm going to be baking there tuesday and thursday mornings! all this means is that the tuesday and thursday bread is going to be super kick ass as well, and there will be more of it to go around. so don't be shy kiddies - tell your friends.

and finally - if you wanna come hang out and learn how to make bread the way i do, sign up for my class at 18 Reasons - Taming the Wild Yeast: How to Make Yummy Sourdough Bread at Home. (you can't sign up just yet, but it's gonna be on Monday, Jan 24 in the evening.) i'm real real excited to be doing this, and would love to see some of you there. folks, for real - it's not that hard to make good bread at home. just come and let me show you.
that's it dudes. love you.