give that special someone a holiday gift that will make them want you oh so bad / by joseybakerbread

mmmm-hmmmm. let them eat josey baker bread.

i'm serious. sign up your crush for bread, as a totally sweet gift. come february, you, or they, will be able to get bread Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

i mean, how many times have you thought to yourself-

gee whiz, i really wish i could give someone a gift that was

* crafted with love and care
* made by someone who actually lives in my town
* was totally, totally delicious
* helped support josey baker live up to his name

ya know???
i know! so don't be bashful, be bold. be wild. be the lover/brother/sister/mother you've always wanted to be.
hearts and rainbows,
p.s. if you don't feel like doing that, then just do this: