o hell yes for tg success / by joseybakerbread

ya'll made for the raddest thanksgiving morning ever. thank you a million times over.

i baked 60 loaves thursday morning, all outta my teensy tiny little oven. and all of em got gobbled up, by all of you. folks started coming at 7:30 am, and didn't stop until noon, when i took off on my bicycle to deliver to hungry people around the neighborhood. it was so totally rad i was high all day (on excitement, not the weed pot you stoner)... until about 7:30 pm when i snuck away to take a nap in the basement of Amnesia.

but here's a little behind the scenes peak at what your breadies look like before they become bread.

black pepper parmesan you make me feel funny on the inside...

cranberry walnut you take me places i never knew existed...

and fig gorgonzola rosemary i can't even begin to explain the things i want to do to you...

get your mind outta the gutter.

we had such a special special thanksgiving dinner at amnesia with so many beautiful people.

and i ate way too much and had to fall asleep in a secret place for an hour or so. but then i woke up and sucked down a redbull and felt like a superduperstar and danced the night away.

it was full on goodness. and look at my friends. they are so pretty.

things got pretty crazy by the end of the night...

anyway, see you soon dudes.

<3 josey