community supported bread {for realll} / by joseybakerbread

first of all, i want to thank you thank you THANK YOU for all of the support ya'll have given me over the past few months. it's been so super rad to see how pumped ya'll get on my breads, and that you keep coming back week after week to get more.

first things first - Thanksgiving is this week and i wanna make sure ya'll get what you want. if you haven't ordered already, please email me by Monday evening. i will be delivering most of this bread by bicycle on Thursday, and i'm mighty, mighty pumped about this.

and an important shift in the winds is happening here team... the time has come for no more day by day bread decisions. this is too important, too essential, too delicious to fly by the seat of our pants any longer. i'm gonna ask ya'll to make some teensy tiny commitments, and subscribe to my community supported bread. thats CSB for short, you cute sexy babies. so help me help you, and fill out the form at the top of the page to join in on the fun.

here's how it works, very simply - you buy $20 worth of bread (4 loaves) at a time. but on this first time around i wanna give you the sweet deal, so let me give you an extra loaf on me. so that's $20 for 5 loaves of baked goodness. for most of you this will be 5 weeks of bread - 1 loaf per week. for others this will be one week of bread, cuz you are so bread crazy that you just get as much as you can and eat it all and get a tummy ache then complain to me (silly bread loving ones). whatever your style and eating habits, i'm down, you just gotta give me the heads up. don't worry - if you're away for a week or two, just let me know at least 5 days ahead of bread day, and your subscription will carry over to the next week. and when your subscription runs out, just get another one. easy as pie. yummy as bread.

heads up - bread subscriptions don't start until after Thanksgiving, Nov 30 to be exact.

starting in December, i plan on baking on tuesdays as well, so you'll be able to get bread on Tuesday or Thursday. and to remind everybody, you can pick up my bread at Gravel & Gold (3266 21st St @ Valencia) during the day from 12:00-7:00, OR at Amnesia (853 Valencia, b/w 19th & 20th St) any time after 6:00 PM. whatever is easier for you, just let me know and i'll make sure the bread is there. pay in person with cold hard cash - i'll be at Amnesia, or there's a cute little wooden breadbox at Gravel & Gold for you to drop your money in, like this -

rafi made the box. i made the sign and even the little envelopes.

don't be sneaky and try to take your bread without paying. i am an excellent detective and i will find you and take all my bread back and maybe even call you a jerk to your face.

if you're super scared of commitment please say so (and start working on that), and just order 1 loaf at a time. my preference is for the subscription, and my hunch is that one-loaf-at-a-time won't last for long, as more and more people subscribe. you can always drop in to Amnesia and see if i've got any orphan loaves for you to scoop up, but this is only for the wild ones.

check out my new business cards. these aint no mass produced thingamajigs, no sir. i made em myself -

<3 jo

p.s. who is this mystery bread boy...???