thanks[for]giving / by joseybakerbread

howdy friends

this is part totally disgusting and part totally awesome...

(that's a loaf of my black pepper parmesan. the black pepper parms LOVE to party, and i cant stop them.)

anyway, a few exciting tidbits in my bread life lately:

* i got a little nod in the November issue of San Francisco magazine. woooohoooooo
* i was recently contacted by a popular sf food and entertainment website, because they want to write a story about me (this stuff makes me bonkers)
* mcsweeney's may be writing a bread book, featuring yours truly (i know, i know, enough with the bread already, but what the heck this is my breadblog folks)

and now on to the realgoodstuff... i wanna let ya'll know about something very special i'm going to be doing in a couple weeks.

everybody's been asking about bread for the holidays. like, josey, when the hell am i going to be able to order some bread for thanksgiving??? i need to bring a loaf to my new girlfriend's house so that i can lie and said that i baked it and she will finally spend the night at my apartment. stay calm my good people, thanksgiving is right around the corner (SO IS MY BIRTHDAY AND I LOVE PRESENTS), and i'm going to give a sweet idea a good ol fashioned try - thanksgiving bread by bicycle. ohhh yes. 'tis the season emmer effer.

here's the deal - on Thanksgiving day (Nov. 25, which is 2 1/2 weeks from today) i'll bake all morning. you can come by my spot (20th & Shotwell) and pick up bread any time before noon. if you're feelin like keeping it nice and cozy and staying home, or laying low at your boy/girl/whateverfriend's house, then i will bike the bread to you sometime after 12:00, before you feast. so sweet. you get to stay in your pj's, and i get to see your place. maybe you'll even have an extra candy corn (or a few of those sweet candy pumpkins [or maybe just maybe a delicious frosty beverage]) on hand so that i can bike on to the next delivery without passing out.

and to make things fun i'm going to have a little competition amongst my breads. please vote for your favorite thanksgiving bread out of the choices below. the winners will make their way into your greedy little fingers on thanksgiving morning. possible thanksgiving breads:

* cranberry walnut whole wheat levain (so festive!)
* seed feast (so hearty!)
* olive levain (so addictive!)
* rosemary, fig, gorgonzola (so sexy!)
* black pepper parmesan (so oozy!)

and here's the thing team - you gotta order bread ahead of time! i'm anticipating more bread orders than i can handle, so if you really want bread you gotta let me know soooooon.

love all ya'll so super hard

<3 jo

p.s. this is the most perfect loaf of bread i have ever baked. i hope you like it.