whole effin wheat / by joseybakerbread

i need to get into healthy brown breads. and they need to not taste like healthy brown breads. they need to be sexy and yummy and not make you think "healthy brown bread." maybe i will stop calling them that, so that you don't get it stuck in your mind...

i remember a few years ago my friend rafi was doing lots of fermentation experiments, inspired in part by the book Wild Fermentation, by Sandor Katz. rafi is a gifted man in many ways, the kitchen being one of the places he shines the brightest. but his whole grain sourdough breads tasted like poopoo. this is rafi:

anyway, the other day rafi suggested that i get into whole grain breads. i thought about it for a few, and now i know that that boy has a point. sooooo, here is my first foray into healthy brown bread - whole wheat levain.

and here is some corn bread i made. my buddy bronwen suggested i make it using a recipe from Peter Reinhart's Crust & Crumb.

and here is my roommate brendan about to get a homemade tattoo.

sorry ladies, he's taken.

<3 josey