i heard someone say... new gear... stamped bags?!? / by joseybakerbread

my bread looks a little angry lately, doesn't it?

i heard someone say...

people have been telling me things about the bread i'm baking. usually it really gets me all pumped up, cuz they're telling me they like it. here are a few of the things i've heard from people after they ate it:

"your bread is the f***ing best, makes all others taste like s**t."

"This truly was the best bread ever!"
- JR

"your olive loaf made it across the bay and onto my dinner table last night. paired with cultured butter and fig red onion jam... delicious. spectacular really. the topic of conversation for a good half hour as dinner guests slowly trickled in."

"Oh man, I got my nards severely rocked this morning by some amazing toast. Call the fire department, call the Vatican, call the NSA, there's an amazing baker on the loose!"
- MJ

ya'll are makin me blush... but please don't stop.

new gear...

holy frikkin cow i got a HUMONGOUS new peel so that i can bake MORE MORE MORE bread for YOU YOU YOU. look at this thing, it's really a monster.

my plan is to bake 12 loaves at a time. WHAT?!? 12 LOAVES AT A TIME?!? shut up, im gonna do it, and you can't stop me.

stamped bags...

after thinking about it for a long time, i finally made myself a little linoleum stamp.

i thought that i would really like making it, but i got bored and frustrated pretty easily. luckily my friend rafi hung out and made delicious soup, so i didn't get all pissy all alone. and now i really like it. thanks rafi. oh, and thanks to my new roomie lana, too. she offered up very helpful advice about how to get a good stamp out of it, and even let me use her little rubber roller.

i love my friends.

<3 josey

p.s. i miss you, brother.